Black Cherry Soda Strain TGA – Experience Medical Uses & More

When exploring the world of cannabis strains, we come across a wonderful flavorful strain called Black Cherry Soda. It was introduced by TGA Genetics. The name comes from the fruity and soda like taste that it emanates along with the dark reddish purple nugs that look like ripe cherries. Other strains in this category are Black Dhalia and Ace of Spades which have been superseded by Black Cherry Soda. It has a typical Indica appearance and properties. Another very important factor due to which this strain is so popular is its use as a potent medicine. It is known to be effective in treating symptoms of the patients all throughout the day. The effects are such that the sedative effect does not bother the patients and only the medicinal properties prevail. In this article you will be able to find out all about this strain.

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Genetics Of Black Cherry Soda

This Indica dominant strain is a three time cross breed between Cherry AK47, Blackberry x C99 and Ortega x Airborne G13. This combination makes it 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. Originally it was developed by some unknown cannabis breeder after which it came to become a parent strain in some of the top strains at TGA Subcool Seeds. One such strain is Ace Of Spades.

Traits Of Black Cherry Soda Seeds

The Indica dominance makes its buds and growth pattern very typical of its inheritance. The flowers are greenish to deep purple in color. Also it has extremely high THC content up to 25%. As a result the psychoactive effect is very predominant. The effects are so strong that they can sweep novice users off their feet or go into a state of paranoia, so it is recommended that the user has some experience with cannabis before trying out Black Cherry Soda seeds.

The average flowering time of this strain is very short about 5 to 6 weeks. The height of the plant is 4 to 6 feet. It grows best in cold climate and can be planted both indoors and outdoors. It has CBD content of up to 1.20%. You can expect an average yield of 16 to 20 grams per meter square from the strain when it is grown outdoors.

It has a potential to deliver a trance like state with a body and mind meltdown effect making it perfect for evening or daytime use.

An Experience With Black Cherry Soda

The effects of the seeds are pretty pronounced as it is a very fast acting cerebral stimulant that can induce a high very quickly. The high then gradually melts into a relaxed and calm mood. Once you try this strain, the happiness and upbeat mood can make you feel on the top of the world. It is recommended as a daytime strain and it can make anything that you do enjoyable. The high associated with Black Cherry Soda is strong but not so much that the user cannot concentrate on his work or be totally knocked out. It is a very balanced feeling and it ends in a state of mellow relaxation. In sensitive or first time users, it can trigger a couch lock but that is rarely observed. Most users tolerate the strain pretty well.

By virtue of its Sativa content, many users have reported feeling alert and energetic after a taste of the strain. So if you are looking for a little extra push in your lazy morning, have a little bit of Black Cherry Soda along with your morning coffee.

The strain has the power to arouse an all round crowd pleasing effect. Creativity flows when you consume it and the effects are more or less sufficient to make you feel uplifted and happy. The strain has to offer a bouquet of experiences to the user. Creativity, Social vibe and uplifted mood are some of them.

The best time to enjoy this strain is the daytime. You can try it and feel happy and euphoric. So in case you are in search of a strain that can gift you with a happy hour or two, this is just the thing you have been looking for.

There are some other forms of Black Cherry Soda which you can try. These are a fun alternative to your regular cannabis smoke. Black Cherry Soda Oil Pens are available these days from some brands. CO2 company is one such producer of Black Cherry Oil.

Black Cherry Soda Shatter and Black Cherry Soda Wax are some of the other products that are available from cannabis retailers. These are cannabis containing products that one can try for a change.

Medical Uses Of Black Cherry Soda

Apart from the delightful smell and flavor of the strain, there are other qualities that make it so popular. Shelf appeal is one such quality. This strain has gained much limelight due to its medical uses owing to its high CBD content. Its use in medical marijuana has gained much appeal. The therapeutic effects of this strain are as follows:

  • (1) It is very useful as a daytime strain in patients with mental health troubles. It helps to alleviate complaints like anxiety and depression.
  • (2) The effects of the strain help the user to focus and so it has a role to play in patients with ADD and ADHD.
  • (3) Many users have found this strain to be beneficial in complaints like anxiety, depression and chronic stress disorders. The strain is known to be upbeat but is not as racy as a pure Sativa. The high THC levels can at times arise paranoia and anxiousness in those who are not used to the cannabis strain at all. So it must be used with caution.
  • (4) It is known to relieve muscle tension and ease the mind and body very well.
  • (5) It is helpful to ease away pain and also provide relief in case of nausea and stomach derangements.
  • (6) The known side effects of the strain are dryness of mouth, dry eyes and occasional headaches.

Marijuana helps in controlling Obesity easily

diet with weeds insted foodObesity is a disease, though most people think it is only a lifestyle problem. Obesity can lead to various other complications. These complications are increased blood pressure, risk of heart attacks, risk of arterial problems, risk of diabetes and stroke. Since there are so many diseases that can be brought on by obesity, it should be identified as a serious problem. In fact, childhood obesity is also becoming an acute problem all over the world. It is important to use the right methods to treat obesity.

Medical marijuana is one of the top methods that can help in the treatment of obesity. The advantage of using this medicine is that it will not cause any side effects in the person. It can be consumed in small doses along with the food and it will slowly, but steadily help in the reduction of eight of the person.

Control of obesity when you buy marijuana & use it right:

  1. Reduces hunger: Hunger is one of the main causes of obesity. People who have it in their genes to become obese will not be easily satisfied with the food they consume. They will want to consume rich food and at frequent intervals. This increases the calorie intake in the body. This ultimately leads to severe obesity. The use of medical marijuana helps to ensure that the hunger areas in the brain are clogged. When this happens, the person will be able to feel satisfied even after consuming smaller amounts of food. This reduced calorie intake will help in reducing the weight of the person. This is the top method of reducing weight of a person.
  2. Energizes you to work out more: You can work out more because you will feel energetic. Usually, people do not want to work out because they will not have the energy to do so. They will feel tired and lazy at the end of a hard day’s work. On the other hand, when medical marijuana is consumed, it will help in energizing a person so that they are able to work out more in an effective manner.
  3. Maintains insulin levels and other hormonal levels: Obesity is a hormonal disease. When the hormones in the body are not balanced, it causes obesity to occur. If the hormones are balanced in the body, it can lead to optimal weight of the person. The medical marijuana helps to maintain the weight of the individual by maintaining the insulin levels and other hormonal levels.

These are the different mechanisms in which medical marijuana will be able to get rid of obesity.

Obesity marijuana & what is better for losing weight ?

Today you can find kush seeds for sale like:

  • AK-48
  • Hawaii marijuana
  • Hindu kush
  • Skunk Red hair
  • Master Kush

Those are the best marijuana in the market, feel free to read more about marijuana and feminized seeds here!



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Excellent results obtained in Marijuana research

Medical marijuana is a unique drug that has been avoided by many researchers because it is banned in some places. In those places where it is legal to be administered, a lot of research is being done and it is providing excellent results. Medical marijuana can even be considered to be a wonder drug because of the many beneficial effects it has on various systems in the body.

Research results with marijuana use:

  1. Use in inflammatory bowel syndrome: Inflammatory bowel syndrome can be fatal in some people. They are not able to lead a normal life because of the disease. Those who suffer from this disease are not able to retain any food in their body. All the nutrients that are consumed with the food are expelled by the body. In fact the patients do not have any appetite too. In such a scenario, the use of medical marijuana has helped people to be able to retain food by reducing the inflammation. Also, the use of this medication has been able to ensure that there is a decrease in the inflammation and improvement in appetite. Research shows that medical marijuana has been able to bring back some people from their death bed.
  2. Use in multiple sclerosis: The use of medical marijuana in the treatment of multiple sclerosis has been well documented and also well researched. The two serious problems that are caused by multiple sclerosis are pain and muscle spasms. The use of medical marijuana has shown that both these common symptoms of multiple sclerosis can be treated effectively with small doses of this drug. The advantage of using this therapy is that it can help in reducing the symptoms much more effectively than other medications. The time taken for medical marijuana to bring about a reduction in the symptoms is also very quick. Since these advantages are present with the use of this drug, more and more research is being done to identify if there are other benefits of using this therapy.
  3. New Super Skunk weed: More research is needed to check if the medical marijuana is safe even when it is consumed in larger amounts. It needs to be tested in different populations and also in people with different diseases to check if it works to alleviate symptoms in those diseases. A lot of research has been tried in animal models and it needs to be replicated with similar success in humans too. If similar success is tasted in human research, medical marijuana is sure to be used more.

Doctors Appeal To Make Cannabis Legal For Medical Use!

Every time you hear about Marijuana or about the Cannabis plant, our mind directly drifts towards the plant’s illegal status and its use as a weed. But, what many people don’t know about, is the plant’s varied use as a medicinal plant to treat not just basic body pains but also for treating fatal health conditions such as Brain tumor, anorexia, depression, HIV, etc. But, as researchers started studying the plant for its medicinal values, its importance as a medical herb increased not just in a few states but across the world. Today, more doctors as compared to marijuana consumers appeal for this plant to be made legal for medicinal uses.

Medical Marijuana Survey


In order to know what the doctors had to say about the plant and its legalization appeal, performed an online survey on more than 1500 doctors belonging to various states across the country. 48 different states in the USA showed strong support for Marijuana to be considered as a medicinal plant.

Almost 69% of the doctors said that Marijuana can help in the treatment of various health conditions. Another 67% doctors agreed to using Cannabis as an available medical option for treating patients.

Dr. Michael W. Smith, the Chief Medical Editor, WebMD says, “The medical community is clearly saying they support using marijuana as a potential treatment option for any number of medical problems. In fact, many doctors already prescribe it.

The highest support for Marijuana being considered a legal plant was seen from oncologists and hematologists who were a part of the survey. 82% doctors agreed that the plant has legitimate benefits including easing chronic body pain and nausea, usually caused due to cancer treatment, chemotherapy. Also almost 54% support was seen from Rheumatologists who mentioned the use of the plant in easing the arthritis pain in the joints of the patients.

According to Dr. Smith, medical Marijuana is a painkiller which has less potential for addiction than the other narcotic pain relief’s such as oxycodone. However, according to the survey, more research is needed to know about the maximum use of the marijuana plant for treating a wider variety of health conditions. A better research will provide more insight about the plant being used as a treatment for Brain tumor, alzheimer’s, HIV inflammation, cancer treatment, depression, and many more diseases.

Based on these researches, new laws have been passed for the doctors to freely prescribe marijuana as a medication in almost 21 states in USA, including the Columbia district.