Excellent results obtained in Marijuana research

Medical marijuana is a unique drug that has been avoided by many researchers because it is banned in some places. In those places where it is legal to be administered, a lot of research is being done and it is providing excellent results. Medical marijuana can even be considered to be a wonder drug because of the many beneficial effects it has on various systems in the body.

Research results with marijuana use:

  1. Use in inflammatory bowel syndrome: Inflammatory bowel syndrome can be fatal in some people. They are not able to lead a normal life because of the disease. Those who suffer from this disease are not able to retain any food in their body. All the nutrients that are consumed with the food are expelled by the body. In fact the patients do not have any appetite too. In such a scenario, the use of medical marijuana has helped people to be able to retain food by reducing the inflammation. Also, the use of this medication has been able to ensure that there is a decrease in the inflammation and improvement in appetite. Research shows that medical marijuana has been able to bring back some people from their death bed.
  2. Use in multiple sclerosis: The use of medical marijuana in the treatment of multiple sclerosis has been well documented and also well researched. The two serious problems that are caused by multiple sclerosis are pain and muscle spasms. The use of medical marijuana has shown that both these common symptoms of multiple sclerosis can be treated effectively with small doses of this drug. The advantage of using this therapy is that it can help in reducing the symptoms much more effectively than other medications. The time taken for medical marijuana to bring about a reduction in the symptoms is also very quick. Since these advantages are present with the use of this drug, more and more research is being done to identify if there are other benefits of using this therapy.
  3. New Super Skunk weed: More research is needed to check if the medical marijuana is safe even when it is consumed in larger amounts. It needs to be tested in different populations and also in people with different diseases to check if it works to alleviate symptoms in those diseases. A lot of research has been tried in animal models and it needs to be replicated with similar success in humans too. If similar success is tasted in human research, medical marijuana is sure to be used more.