Doctors Appeal To Make Cannabis Legal For Medical Use!

Every time you hear about Marijuana or about the Cannabis plant, our mind directly drifts towards the plant’s illegal status and its use as a weed. But, what many people don’t know about, is the plant’s varied use as a medicinal plant to treat not just basic body pains but also for treating fatal health conditions such as Brain tumor, anorexia, depression, HIV, etc. But, as researchers started studying the plant for its medicinal values, its importance as a medical herb increased not just in a few states but across the world. Today, more doctors as compared to marijuana consumers appeal for this plant to be made legal for medicinal uses.

Medical Marijuana Survey


In order to know what the doctors had to say about the plant and its legalization appeal, performed an online survey on more than 1500 doctors belonging to various states across the country. 48 different states in the USA showed strong support for Marijuana to be considered as a medicinal plant.

Almost 69% of the doctors said that Marijuana can help in the treatment of various health conditions. Another 67% doctors agreed to using Cannabis as an available medical option for treating patients.

Dr. Michael W. Smith, the Chief Medical Editor, WebMD says, “The medical community is clearly saying they support using marijuana as a potential treatment option for any number of medical problems. In fact, many doctors already prescribe it.

The highest support for Marijuana being considered a legal plant was seen from oncologists and hematologists who were a part of the survey. 82% doctors agreed that the plant has legitimate benefits including easing chronic body pain and nausea, usually caused due to cancer treatment, chemotherapy. Also almost 54% support was seen from Rheumatologists who mentioned the use of the plant in easing the arthritis pain in the joints of the patients.

According to Dr. Smith, medical Marijuana is a painkiller which has less potential for addiction than the other narcotic pain relief’s such as oxycodone. However, according to the survey, more research is needed to know about the maximum use of the marijuana plant for treating a wider variety of health conditions. A better research will provide more insight about the plant being used as a treatment for Brain tumor, alzheimer’s, HIV inflammation, cancer treatment, depression, and many more diseases.

Based on these researches, new laws have been passed for the doctors to freely prescribe marijuana as a medication in almost 21 states in USA, including the Columbia district.